Racing sponsors decal sticker. GARRETT TYPE2


size: 58Cm(22.83inch) X 17Cm(6.69inch)
quantity: pair
default color: Gloss Black
material: Ultra-sheet vinyl: 5 years for outdoor use.

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Additional information


58Cm(22.83inch) X 17Cm(6.69inch)

Type of film and color

SC-122 Gloss-Red, SC-222 Gloss-Orange, SC-320 Gloss-Yellow, SC-422 Gloss-Light green, SC-423 Gloss-Green, SC-425 Gloss-Dark green, SC-522 Gloss-Sky Blue, SC-526 Gloss-Blue, SC-530 Gloss-Navy Blue, SC-125 Gloss-Pink, SC-622 Gloss-Purple, SC-721-1 Gloss-White, SC-723 Gloss-Light Gray, SC-724 Gloss-Gray, SC-725 Gloss-Dark Gray, SC-727 Gloss-Black, SC- 134 Matte-Red, SC-731 Matte-White, SC-733 Matte-Light Gray, SC-735 Matte-Gray, SC-737 Matte-Black, SC-2011 Metallic-Scratch Gold, SC-2013 Metallic-Gloss Gold, SC-2012 Metallic-Scratch Silver, SC-2014 Metallic-Gloss Silver, SC-2021G Gold, SC-2022G Silver


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